Walks in and around the
Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

In what has become an annual tradition, you can visit the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken from 13 May to 6 June. As a result of COVID-19 measures, a visit to the greenhouses this year is both an indoor and outdoor experience.

You start your visit with a walk through the gardens of the Royal Domain. This allows you to discover the wonderful architecture of the greenhouses from a distance.

In 1873, architect Alphonse Balat, a tutor to Victor Horta, designed a greenhouse complex that complemented the classical style castle in Laeken. The greenhouses were designed to offer the silhouette of a glass city, nestled into an undulating park landscape. Along the route through the gardens, you will discover unusual architectural elements, such as the temple ruins at the edge of one of the ponds or the circular rose garden.

The second part of the walk takes you to the large greenhouses:

  • the Embarcadère Greenhouse, the reception area for guests in the past
  • the square Congo Greenhouse with subtropical plants
  • the domed Winter Garden with palm trees and tree ferns, among other things
  • the Orangery, the overwintering location for the orange trees, laurel trees and camellias which are now arranged on the esplanade in front of the Orangery

The other greenhouses are not accessible this year due to COVID-19 measures, as we cannot guarantee the recommended social distancing.

Book your visit

You must book your visit to the Royal Greenhouses in advance. Choose a time slot when you will arrive. We allow a limited number of visitors each day. Please arrive on time so that we can organise your visit in a COVID-19-friendly manner.

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